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Simplify Your Path to the
Perfect Remote Team​​

Discover what makes building your dream team effortless, from initial consultation to seamless integration.

With ASM Virtual, you’re just steps away from unlocking the full potential of top-tier Filipino talent tailored to your business needs. Our straightforward process ensures you find the right fit quickly and hassle-free 

Hiring Process



                            1 Timeline: Day

Initial Consultation

Begin by scheduling a consultation with us. Share your business needs, the roles you're looking to fill, and any specific requirements you have



Custom Plan Creation

Based on your needs, we’ll recommend or create a personalized plan, selecting the best candidates from the top 0.01% of Filipino talent. For specialized or custom roles, we tailor the search to ensure a perfect match

3 - 2 Timeline: Days



We present you with a shortlist of candidates. You get to choose from the top three applicants for each role, ensuring they align with your expectations and company culture

Candidate Selection

Timeline: Days 4 - 7



Conduct interviews with your chosen candidates. Once you've made your selection, we'll proceed with the formalities to integrate them into your team

Interview & Final Selection

Timeline: Days 8 - 10



Onboarding & Integration

 Your new team member(s) undergo a comprehensive onboarding process to familiarize themselves with your business operations, tools, and team dynamics

We ensure they're ready to hit the ground running

Timeline: Days 11 - 14



Ongoing Support

Timeline: Ongoing

After integration, you'll receive ongoing support from ASM Virtual. We provide continuous communication, performance oversight, and any necessary adjustments to ensure your remote team's success

Comprehensive Support for Your Remote Team

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End-to-End Remote
Team Management

From selection to integration, we manage it all. Our support extends beyond hiring – we motivate and incentivize your remote staff to excel

Performance Oversight

Dedicated managers are assigned to ensure your remote team's performance aligns with your standards, providing continuous, seamless communication.

Assured Replacement Guarantee

If the fit isn't perfect, we'll promptly provide a replacement at no extra charge, complete with a transition period to ensure they're up to speed and ready to succeed in your team.

Easily Build Your Dream Team

in Four Simple Steps

Streamline Your Operations with Pre-vetted Talent Ready to Dive In



Identify Your Needs

Outline the roles and expertise your business requires, from administrative tasks to specialized skills



Select Your Plan

Choose from our predefined packages for Administrative, Customer Service, and Executive Assistance, or opt for a Custom Plan for specialized positions.



We'll introduce you to the top candidates from our pool of the top 0.01% of Filipino talent, ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

Meet Your Match



Begin your journey with your new team member(s), supported by our seamless integration and ongoing assistance, and watch your business soar.

 Kickstart Your Success

What You Gain With ASM Virtual

Unlock Efficiency, Flexibility, and Unmatched Global Expertise

Top 0.01% of Filipino Remote Work Talent:

We connect you with the elite in Filipino talent, ensuring dedication, skill, and unparalleled work ethic

Tax Benefits for Hiring Overseas Contractors:

Leverage financial efficiencies, including potential tax benefits, by hiring international talent.

Cultural Fit and Compatibility:

We connect you with the elite in Filipino talent, ensuring dedication, skill, and unparalleled work ethic


Upfront Pricing: 

Enjoy clear, straightforward pricing for both standard and custom plans, ensuring budget clarity and planning ease.

Swift Hiring Process:

 Expand your team efficiently, typically within 1-2 weeks, thanks to our streamlined matching and onboarding system

Flexible and Scalable Solutions: 

Our services are designed to flex with your business needs, offering scalable support whenever you need it

Seamless Time Zone Alignment:

Hassle-Free Payroll Management:

Enjoy the convenience of collaboration with staff in your preferred time zone for smooth operation.

We manage all payroll processes, ensuring your team is compensated timely and accurately, freeing you to focus on core activities.

Dedicated Support Team:

Benefit from a dedicated account manager and support team, ready to assist with any challenges to ensure seamless operations.

Quality and Efficiency Guaranteed:

Our remote professionals are focused on productivity and high standards, driving results for your business

Partnership Focus:

 Expand your team efficiently, typically within 1-2 weeks, thanks to our streamlined matching and onboarding system

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee:

Global Expertise,
Local Insight:

Benefit from our commitment to the perfect fit with a lifetime guarantee for replacements, including 20 free transition hours, ensuring your team always meets your standards.

Benefit from the global perspective of our Filipino talent, enriched with local insights, for innovative solutions and a competitive edge

  • What is the process for selecting the right Virtual Assistant for my business?
    ASM Virtual has a careful selection process to match the best possible Virtual Assistant (VA) to your needs: Understanding Your Needs: We'll consult with you to determine your required tasks, skill sets, and company culture preferences. Skill Assessment: Our VAs undergo rigorous evaluations of their skills and experience. Personalized Matching: We'll present you with candidates who align perfectly with your needs. Interview: You'll personally interview the top 3 potential VAs before making a final selection.
  • Can I meet my potential Virtual Assistant before hiring?
    Yes, absolutely! We encourage a meeting or interview process to ensure the best possible fit between you and your VA. This allows you to assess communication style, personality, and suitability for your company.
  • How do you ensure the Virtual Assistant understands my business niche?
    We have several ways to ensure a VA understands your specific niche: Industry Specialization: Certain VAs may have experience in your niche. Training Resources: We provide VAs with training materials and resources tailored to specific industries as needed. Detailed Onboarding: You'll have in-depth onboarding sessions with your VA to discuss your business and its unique requirements, once you hire them. This comes as part of the expected training period as with any hire.
  • How does ASM Virtual match my time zone requirements with a Virtual Assistant?
    We have a global network of VAs, allowing us to match your time zone needs. We'll discuss your preferred schedule during the consultation process and find a VA whose working hours align with yours.
  • What is the typical duration from starting the hiring process to having a Virtual Assistant begin work?
    The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your needs. However, we strive for efficiency. Often, you can have a suitable VA onboarded and working within a week or two.
  • What training does ASM Virtual provide to Virtual Assistants?
    We provide our VAs with ongoing training during their time at ASMVirtual to ensure they continue to excel and upskill: Core Skills: Training covers essential skills like time management, communication, managing stress, and popular business software. Ongoing Development: VAs have access to resources for continuous skills improvement and industry-specific learning.
  • Can I customize the tasks that my Virtual Assistant will handle?
    Absolutely! We believe in flexibility. You'll have full control over the tasks you delegate to your VA. These can be adjusted over time as your business needs evolve.
  • How are communication and tasks managed between me and my Virtual Assistant?
    ASM Virtual offers several tools and processes for efficient communication and task management: Project Management Platforms: We'll utilize platforms like Asana or Trello to track tasks, deadlines, and progress. Regular Communication: You'll schedule regular check-ins with your VA via preferred channels (video call, chat, etc.).
  • If my business needs change, how flexible is it to scale up or down with ASM Virtual?
    We understand that businesses are dynamic. Scaling up or down with ASM Virtual is seamless. Simply communicate your changing needs to your account manager, and we'll adjust your services accordingly.
  • How is performance monitored, and what reports will I receive about my Virtual Assistants work?
    Regular Check-ins: You'll have scheduled reviews with your VA and your ASM Virtual account manager. Dedicated Team Leader: Each VA has their own team leader from our end at ASM Virtual. The role of the team leader is to check in to ensure they are doing work, the correct work and to ensure the VA has a familiar face to confide in, if needed. Customized Reports: We can provide tailored reports based on the metrics most important to your business.
  • What happens if the Virtual Assistant is not a good fit for my company?
    While we strive for the best match, if you find the VA isn't a good fit, please communicate with your account manager. We'll work to understand the issue and find a more suitable VA for you.

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