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Build Your

Remote Team

starts at $10/hr

.Unlock the potential of dedicated, skilled professionals Elevate your business operations without stretching your budget

Featured Services


Your Administrative Powerhouse

Expert organizers to manage your daily tasks efficiently


Customer Champions for Your Busines

Friendly, responsive pros to keep your clients happy around the clock


Executive-Level Support for Visionaries

Strategic partners to manage your schedule and priorities

Custom Solution

Perfectly Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Our Custom Solutions are designed to bring your unique vision to life, leveraging the
top 0.01% of Filipino talent tailored just for you.


Access a diverse range of experts from Graphic Designers to Software Developers.


Whether it's one specialist or a full cross-functional team, we customize to fit your project.


 No requirement is too specific. We match you with the perfect talent for any unique role.


Custom quotes based on your specific needs, ensuring value and transparency.


Tailored for complexity and specificity, our Custom Solutions ensure you get the exact mix of skills and expertise your project demands.

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Starter Plan


Get Started with Essential Support

Weekly Hours: 10-20 hours

Ideal For: Small projects or supplemental team support

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Growth Plan


Scale Up Your Business

Weekly Hours: 21-40 hours

Ideal For: Businesses looking to expand their operations

*Hours do not roll over if not consumed within the week.

Custom Solutions Plan

Tailored Teams for Specialized Needs

*Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements and crafts a personalized plan that fits your budget and goals, ensuring you get the highest quality talent and support.

Weekly Hours: Flexible, based on project demands and team size

Ideal For: Businesses seeking specific roles, larger teams, or unique skill sets not covered in standard plans

Customizable Aspects:


Specific Roles:
From Graphic Designers and Software Developers to SEO Specialists and more, get the right expertise for your projects.


Number of Workers:
Whether you need one specialist or a cross-functional team, we tailor the team size to your exact needs.


Project Duration:
Short-term projects to long-term engagements, our flexible model supports your business at every stage.

Easily Build Your Dream Team

in Four Simple Steps

Streamline Your Operations with Pre-vetted Talent Ready to Dive In



Identify Your Needs

Outline the roles and expertise your business requires, from administrative tasks to specialized skills



Select Your Plan

Choose from our predefined packages for Administrative, Customer Service, and Executive Assistance, or opt for a Custom Plan for specialized positions.



We'll introduce you to the top candidates from our pool of the top 0.01% of Filipino talent, ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

Meet Your Match



 Kickstart Your Success

Begin your journey with your new team member(s), supported by our seamless integration and ongoing assistance, and watch your business soar.

Comprehensive Support for Your Remote Team

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Assured Replacement Guarantee

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End-to-End Remote
Team Management

Performance Oversight

From selection to integration, we manage it all. Our support extends beyond hiring – we motivate and incentivize your remote staff to excel

Dedicated managers are assigned to ensure your remote team's performance aligns with your standards, providing continuous, seamless communication.

If the fit isn't perfect, we'll promptly provide a replacement at no extra charge, complete with a transition period to ensure they're up to speed and ready to succeed in your team.

What You Gain With ASM Virtual

Unlock Efficiency, Flexibility, and Unmatched Global Expertise

Top 0.01% of Filipino Remote Work Talent:

We connect you with the elite in Filipino talent, ensuring dedication, skill, and unparalleled work ethic

Tax Benefits for Hiring Overseas Contractors:

Leverage financial efficiencies, including potential tax benefits, by hiring international talent.

Cultural Fit and Compatibility:

We connect you with the elite in Filipino talent, ensuring dedication, skill, and unparalleled work ethic


Upfront Pricing: 

Enjoy clear, straightforward pricing for both standard and custom plans, ensuring budget clarity and planning ease.

Swift Hiring Process:

 Expand your team efficiently, typically within 1-2 weeks, thanks to our streamlined matching and onboarding system

Flexible and Scalable Solutions: 

Our services are designed to flex with your business needs, offering scalable support whenever you need it

Seamless Time Zone Alignment:

Hassle-Free Payroll Management:

Enjoy the convenience of collaboration with staff in your preferred time zone for smooth operation.

We manage all payroll processes, ensuring your team is compensated timely and accurately, freeing you to focus on core activities.

Dedicated Support Team:

Quality and Efficiency Guaranteed:

Benefit from a dedicated account manager and support team, ready to assist with any challenges to ensure seamless operations.

Our remote professionals are focused on productivity and high standards, driving results for your business

Partnership Focus:

 Expand your team efficiently, typically within 1-2 weeks, thanks to our streamlined matching and onboarding system

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee:

Global Expertise,
Local Insight:

Benefit from our commitment to the perfect fit with a lifetime guarantee for replacements, including 20 free transition hours, ensuring your team always meets your standards.

Benefit from the global perspective of our Filipino talent, enriched with local insights, for innovative solutions and a competitive edge

Take the first step towards  
operational excellence

Need a mix of skills or more hands-on deck? Let's personalize your plan.

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